Stamp Duty Refunds

If there’s one particular fee that most property purchasers dislike, it’s stamp duty. Stamp duty is a variable fee that depends largely on the purchase price of the property, and in Victoria it can vary from several hundred dollars to several thousands. Naturally, home buyers don’t want to pay more stamp duty than they need to. However, people can pay too much stamp duty if they don’t provide the correct application forms to their conveyancer by the required date. If you think you might be paying too much stamp duty on your property and are entitled to a stamp duty refund, make an appointment for a reassessment with SLA Conveyancing. We provide expert property conveyancing Melbourne wide.

Common Reasons for an Overpaid Stamp Duty Refund

There are numerous reasons why property buyers might pay too much stamp duty and possibly be entitled to a reassessment. SLA provides highly experienced yet cheap conveyancing services to help you determine whether you’re eligible to submit an online stamp duty refund.

Speak to us if you are:

  • A first home buyer
  • Entitled to an off the plan duty concession
  • Eligible for a pensioner duty exemption or concession
  • Eligible for a Principal Place of Residence duty concession
  • A first home buyer with a family exemption or concession
  • Entitled to a Young Farmer duty exemption or concession

Your SLA conveyancer will help you complete the necessary declaration or application form and facilitate the online stamp duty refund process. The final decision can then take up to 60 days.

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